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When You Should Repair or Replace Your Auto Glass

Don’t Put Off Repairing or Replacing Your Damaged Auto Glass
If you’re dealing with a damaged windshield, you should understand when you should repair or replace your auto glass. Your auto glass is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. The windshield is vital in keeping the driver and passengers safe from the elements. You might be putting off repair or replacement of the damaged auto glass. In this month’s blog, 3 D Glass LLC is focusing on when you should repair or replace your auto glass.


Repairing a Windshield is Typically Cheaper Than Replacement

Repairing a cracked windshield is often cheaper than replacing your auto glass. Whether you need repair or replacement depends on the size, depth, location, and number of chips or cracks. 3 D Glass LLC provides both repair and replacement of your auto glass as part of our professional services.


Replace the Auto Glass If You Have a Deep Crack or Chip

There are various circumstances when you should replace your auto glass. According to glass.com, you should replace the windshield if the glass is tempered, not laminated. When the crack is longer than a dollar bill, replace the glass. If the crack or chip is deep enough in the windshield, choose auto glass replacement. If your crack or chip extends to the outside edge of the windshield, contact 3 D Glass LLC for replacement.


Get Glass Repair Quickly Before the Crack or Chip Spreads

A chip or a crack can grow into severe damage at the worst possible time – when you’re driving. You should repair chipped, cracked, or broken windshields as soon as you discover the problem. Even the smallest of chips in the windshield reduce the structural integrity of the windshield. It compromises the protection the windshield provides. 3 D Glass urges you to contact us to repair chips or cracks before replacing the entire windshield.


Depend on the Technician at 3 D Glass LCC to Make the Right Choice

Sometimes the choice to repair or replace the glass is a complicated one. Vehicle owners might not know what to do, but your best move would be to call 3 D Glass LLC. Our technician can inspect the damaged auto glass, and come up with a solution for the problem. Whether you need repair or replacement, trust our technicians. We can repair the chip or crack quickly and affordably before the damage gets worse. We can also replace your auto glass.


Call 3 D Glass at (888) 753-3628 when you want to buy OEM or Aftermarket Glass. Check out our Facebook page for the latest news and information. Our team can explain the differences between OEM and Aftermarket Glass.