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Avoid 5 Weird Ways of Accidentally Damaging Your Auto Glass

Drivers Should Use Their Best Judgment to Avoid Possible Problems

In this month’s blog, 3 D Glass LLC is focusing on 5 weird ways of accidentally damaging your auto glass. There are various reasons why auto glass breaks or chips. Sometimes you can’t avoid glass damage, but there are times you can. Drivers have to use their best judgment to avoid these 5 weird ways of accidentally damaging auto glass:


  1. Unsafe Cleaning Habits
  2. Following Other Vehicles too Closely
  3. Parking Under a Tree
  4. Exposing Your Vehicle to Temperature Fluctuations
  5. Failing to Replace Windshield Wipers


Only Use Automotive-Specific Cleaners on Your Glass

You might be asking how cleaning the glass can be harmful. Weird, right? If you’re using sponges or towels to clean glass, you’re risking scratches forming. Both are soft, but that’s deceiving. They can cause scratches that will grow over time. Also avoid ammonia-based cleaning products because they will leave streaks and cause tinting to peel off. Use only automotive-specific cleaners.


Don’t Follow Other Vehicles Too Closely While Driving

We’ve written in previous blogs about keeping your distance from other drivers in construction zones. You shouldn’t follow other vehicles too closely at any time. Stay at least two car lengths behind the vehicle in front of you. With vehicles driving slower, there’s always a chance the automobile in front of you stops abruptly. Rocks or debris from the vehicle in front of you could damage your glass.


Parking Under a Tree Could Lead to Glass Damage

Parking under a tree seems like a great idea in the heat of the summer. But it’s a double-edged sword. While you’re avoiding the heat and the sun, you’re taking a risk. The risk is a branch, limb or the entire tree falling on your vehicle as the result of strong winds. In the winter, ice could cause a limb to snap and fall on the glass. It’s better to park in a garage or away from trees.


Avoid Exposing Your Vehicle to Temperature Fluctuations

When you’re exposing your vehicle to temperature fluctuations, you’re risking auto glass damage. The increased temperature can make the crack worse and cause it to expand. The glass normally expands and contracts with the temperature, but extreme temperatures can cause a break. Accidents can happen even during sub-zero days in the winter.


Make Sure to Replace Your Windshield Wipers

You should replace the wipers as soon as possible when your wipers are failing.

Windshield wiper rubber can deteriorate over time, exposing the metal frame underneath. One of the reasons for scratches is old windshield wipers. That metal frame can rub over the windshield, causing scratches.


You can call 3 D Glass at (888) 753-3628 when you see glass damage to your vehicle. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and information. Our team can explain more about 5 weird ways of accidentally damaging your auto glass.