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How to Clean Your Vehicle’s Windshield

Cleaning Your Windshield Keeps it Looking Great and Safe

How to clean your vehicle’s windshield is a topic some vehicle owners struggle with. What should you do to clean your windshield? Keeping your vehicle’s windshield clean isn’t only important for looks. It’s also an important to keep your car safe. Filthy windshields can decrease visibility while driving, which can cause accidents.


You can keep your windshield clean at an affordable price. In this month’s blog, 3 D Glass LLC focuses on how to clean your vehicle’s windshield. If you don’t take care of the windshield, you might need our windshield replacement.


Baby Wipes Are Very Effective on Your Vehicle’s Windshield

You probably didn’t know you can clean your vehicle’s windshield and windows with baby wipes. Baby wipes don’t just work on your baby. Baby wipes contain cleaning ingredients that not only clean your baby; they also clean your windshield. Slowly use the wipes over your windshield for effective cleaning. You’ll notice that the baby wipes do a remarkable job in cleaning your windshield.


Baking Soda and Water Will Clean Your Windshield

Baking soda can do wonders as a windshield cleaner. You start with about a quarter cup of baking soda and a quarter cup of dish soap in a gallon jug. Combine those with water in the rest of the jug. Shake the jug well.  When you’re done with the mixing and shaking, you’re ready to clean your vehicle


Use Automotive-Specific Cleaners Instead of Ammonia Cleaners

You can use cleaners, but use only automotive-specific cleaners. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaning products because they will leave streaks and cause tinting to peel off. Automotive glass cleaners are ammonia-free. Because of that, they won’t damage seals or any tint on your vehicle. It’s essential that you use a lint-free microfiber cloth that you haven’t used with any other cleaning products. You can safely use a mild car wash detergent and bucket for excess buildup on the exterior.


3 D Glass LLC Recommends Microfiber Towels to Clean

Our team recommends you use scratch-resistant microfiber towels. Microfiber towels aren’t like ordinary cloth towels. These towels are more absorbent and also dry faster. Microfiber towels effectively trap and pick up dirt thanks to the way manufacturers design their fibers. These towels are soft, which is why experts refer to them as scratch-resistant towels. They don’t leave any residue.


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