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DIY vs. Professional Auto Glass Repair: Which Should You Choose?

Windshield and Auto Glass Damage is Nothing to Ignore

When it comes to DIY vs. professional auto glass repair, many vehicle owners and auto technicians have their own thoughts. It’s easy to find a windshield repair kit at the store and throw it in the back of your vehicle. That way, you feel prepared and ready for any chip or crack that appears on your windshield or side windows. But have you ever considered how that product holds up compared to professional work?


Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with the product but the technique. Too much adhesive can become a vision issue, while not enough cannot help the damage. You don’t want to be driving down the highway and have your windshield crack even more!


This month, we’re going to explore the options of DIY vs. professional auto glass repair. We hope that before choosing, you consider safety, time, and overall cost of repairs before making your decision.


What Goes Into Windshield Repair?

Windshield repair is more than filling a little crack and being on your way. In order to fix the crack or chip, resin must go into the damaged area. It will fill the space and act as a barrier to stop additional cracking. If the owner cannot properly apply the resin, there’s a chance the windshield will soon need replacing. An unfilled or incorrectly filled crack will just continue to spread, causing safety concerns for those in the vehicle.


We’ll get more into this later, but some windshields work alongside sensors and other gadgets in your vehicle. If the glass is not properly recalibrated, you could end up with costly repairs and replacement later. Make sure you know the type of windshield you have and are aware of any added technology before making repairs.


AAA mentions that the size and location can determine whether or not drivers can repair the windshield. “Bulls-eye” cracks, cracks longer than a dollar bill, and “star” shaped chips may result in needing replacement. Cracks and chips that get in the way of vision may also result in replacing the windshield or door window. We went into some causes of windshield replacement last month, too.


Know the Differences Between Windshield and Door Window Glass

There are differences between windshield and door window glass, and not all repair kits will work. Most door glass is made from tempered glass, which will shatter instead of chip or crack. We mention this to remind vehicle owners that some DIY options are not always possible.


If there is a crack or chip in a door window, consider the mechanics that are involved. Incorrectly repaired windows may not go up and down or could stick when down. 3 D Auto Glass LLC can quickly repair or replace your door windows and keep you safe while driving.


Consider Sensors and Recalibration When Replacing a Windshield

An important factor in windshield repair and replacement is any sensors in the glass. As Glass.com reminds us, many windshields in modern vehicles have tint, added layers for noise reduction, and heaters in the glass. Both front and back windshields can have these added effects, and it makes replacing or repairing them on your own much more difficult. A professional auto glass repair technician can provide proper recalibration when replacing or making repairs. This will allow your vehicle to better interact with the new windshield.


DIY Windshield Repair Can Void Your Warranty

When purchasing a vehicle, many owners opt for a warranty to cover various damage or repair costs. Like warranties on appliances or other items, a faulty repair job may void the auto warranty. This means that, instead of having coverage for costs, you may have to pay out of pocket or rely on insurance to handle the bill. No matter how confident you feel in your DIY kit, consider the consequences and expenses added to a botched repair job.


Check Your Auto Insurance Policy Before a DIY Repair

A final tip we’d like to share is checking with your auto insurance before making any DIY repairs. According to Allstate, many comprehensive plans will cover or assist with windshield repair services. Be sure to consult with your policy or insurance company before attempting to make any repairs or replacement services.


Trust 3 D Auto Glass LLC for Windshield and Auto Glass Repair

Do you know where you stand on DIY vs. professional auto glass repair? The number one factor to consider is safety. Windshields and other window glass protect drivers and passengers from the elements, accidents, and projectiles. Making sure the glass is safely installed and repaired is essential to your safety.


When you need an experienced technician for mobile or shop repairs, choose 3 D Auto Glass LLC in Montoursville, PA. We serve 21 counties in PA and 11 counties in NY, offering quality service to all of our customers. We offer various auto glass repair services and specialty glass for cars, trucks, SUVs, and heavy commercial equipment.


Are you looking for professional auto glass repair in PA or NY? Call 3 D Auto Glass LLC in Montoursville, PA, at (888) 753-3628 or follow us on Facebook for updates. Learn more about DIY vs. professional auto glass repair.