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Learn More About Insurance Claims for Damaged Windshields

Your Windshield Has a Crack – Do You Know What to Do Next?

After an accident or natural disaster, you may find yourself filing insurance claims for damaged windshields. Whether a rock hit your vehicle while driving, or a tree fell on the vehicle, windshield damage is nothing to ignore. Small cracks or shattered glass both require an insurance claim to assess the damage and get the proper repair. There are a few different hoops to go through, though, when filing your claim.


This month we’re going to explain when windshield damage requires an insurance claim. 3 D Glass LLC in Montoursville works with insurance companies to provide necessary inspections and repairs. We’re happy to share our knowledge to assist customers as they navigate insurance claims.


Navigating Insurance Claims for Damaged Windshields

First, it’s good to know if your insurance will cover the type of damage your vehicle has. Most auto insurances cover the following glass damages:


  • Rocks or projectiles hitting windshields
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Natural disasters, like tree limbs falling on the vehicle
  • Vandalism


Please note, however, that the type of auto insurance you have will dictate what coverage you receive. In some cases, only those with comprehensive or full glass coverage will usually receive assistance from their insurance company. Once you notice a chip or crack in your windshield, file a claim right away.


Full Glass Coverage vs. Comprehensive Auto Coverage

Have you ever heard of “full glass coverage”? This is a type of auto insurance that can protect windshields. If you do not have comprehensive auto insurance, consider adding full glass coverage to your plan. This can help to save you – and your wallet – from expensive replacement costs. Full glass coverage may also cover other auto glass, like windows and mirrors. We suggest discussing this option with your insurance agent. It may benefit you to add it on with liability or collision insurance.


Comprehensive Auto Insurance Covers Most Windshield Damage

Comprehensive auto insurance is the only insurance, other than full glass, that automatically covers windshield damage. We’ll explain more later, but liability doesn’t.


Most new vehicle owners have comprehensive auto insurance due to their auto loans. However, if you own a vehicle, it’s important to have comprehensive insurance. This allows for the insurance company to cover things like auto glass damage or windshield damage. Comprehensive insurance covers things like animals or debris breaking the windshield, along with accidents.


If you are involved in an accident and sustain windshield damage, you may go against the other driver. Your insurance company can explain the details of filing a claim against the other driver.


Have you recently filed an insurance claim for windshield damage? Let 3 D Glass LLC help. We work with all insurance companies to provide inspections and fast repairs. If the windshield is completely shattered or has large cracks, we can replace it.


When Windshield Damage Isn’t Covered by Insurance

In most cases, your insurance company or a responsible driver’s insurance company will cover windshield repair. However, drivers without comprehensive or auto glass insurance may have to pay out-of-pocket. Wallet Hub states that liability insurance doesn’t cover windshield repair. If this is the only auto insurance you have, be wary that you may have to cover any auto glass repair costs on your own. Always speak with your insurance agent after an accident or natural disaster to see what your policy covers.


How to File Your Windshield Damage Claim

Filing an insurance claim for windshield damage may vary depending on your insurance provider. When filing the claim, they may ask for proof or request that you have the vehicle inspected. 3 D Glass LLC works with insurance companies to inspect vehicles for claims. Call us to set up your appointment in Montoursville, PA. We will check over the windshield, mirrors, windows, and other auto glass to assess the damage. Your insurance company can then decide to waive the deductible or provide assistance.


Signs It’s Time to File an Insurance Claim for Windshield Damage

You may think that a minor scratch is nothing to worry about, but this isn’t the case. Small windshield or window cracks can quickly splinter or spread. Soon, you may have a large crack that requires total replacement. Save money by filing an insurance claim for windshield damage right away. Then, bring your vehicle to 3 D Glass LLC in Montoursville. We will be happy to help you navigate the insurance claim and make any repairs.


Visit 3D Glass LLC for Affordable Windshield Repair and Replacement

Are you in need of windshield or auto glass repair in Pennsylvania or New York? Count on 3 D Glass LLC for affordable repair and replacement services. We work with vehicle owners throughout the state to make sure their vehicles are safe to drive. We also offer specialty glass services for new cars. Call us for mobile glass repair or make an appointment with our knowledgeable staff in Montoursville, PA, today.


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