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Experienced Mirror Repair for Vehicles in PA and NY

Is Your Vehicle’s Mirror Damaged or Missing?

Are you looking for mirror repair for your vehicle? Without a side or rearview mirror, it is difficult to drive safely. If you cannot check behind you or in the blind spot, you have a better chance of getting into an accident.

It’s easier to damage a side mirror than you may think. Vehicles or bicyclists can easily hit the mirror in passing. Projectiles like rocks and pebbles can also crack or shatter side mirrors. You may even hit your rearview mirror with something in the vehicle, leading to it falling out or cracking. Without these necessary vehicle mirrors, you compromise your sight lines while driving.

As Glass.com reminds us, most state laws require side mirrors. Without one, you may find yourself pulled over. Save time and money with proper mirror repair!


Different Types of Vehicle Mirrors Require Different Repairs

There are various different types of vehicle mirrors. They may break because of many external factors, or even just age or weather. The Glass.com article mentioned above provides a breakdown of the different types of mirrors. Some types of mirrors can include:


Folding Mirrors. These mirrors can fold into the side of the vehicle, whether automatically or manually.

Electric Mirrors. In order to adjust the sight line, drivers must move the mirror to see behind the vehicle. Electric mirrors allow drivers to control the mirror with a button or knob inside the vehicle.

Heated Mirrors. Heated mirrors come with a defrost setting that can quickly melt ice or snow.

Turn Signal and Blind Spot Mirrors. Some mirrors have integrated turn signals that appear on the glass. Mirrors can also light up when other vehicles or objects are in the blind spot.


As you may be able to tell, side mirror repair and replacement can be more than just adding new glass. Modern vehicles have various advanced options, like turn signals and lights, that require more work and experience. 3 D Glass LLC can properly repair and replace all types of mirrors on passenger and commercial vehicles.


Heated Mirror Repair for Your Vehicle

Heated mirrors are common in many vehicles. They allow for snow and ice to quickly melt off of the mirror, making your commute a little easier. If there is any damage present on the mirror, we suggest choosing a professional for repair. It can be difficult to properly place the mirror so that it can still properly defrost.


Turn Signal and Blind Spot Alert Mirrors

Another common mirror option in modern vehicles are turn signal and blind spot alert styles. Trust a professional to make these repairs. Drivers want to stay safe in their vehicle. If you’re used to these mirrors, a DIY project could take that away. 3 D Glass LLC offers mobile mirror repair to PA and NY. If you need immediate mirror repair, you can trust our team to get to you as soon as possible.


“Can I Replace a Side Mirror On My Own?”

A few months ago we covered whether or not you should attempt DIY auto glass repair. While some people may be able to replace vehicle mirrors, it’s essential to know how to properly do so. If you do not properly install the mirror, it may not move or defrost like it should. You don’t want to drive on the highway and lose your mirror again.

If your side mirror has a large crack or chip, reach out to 3 D Glass LLC. We offer mobile auto glass services to quickly replace or repair side and rearview mirrors. Offering same day service, you can trust that our team will get to you as soon as possible. We also keep an inventory of over 200 parts – know that we will have what you’re looking for.


Commercial Equipment Mirror Repairs for PA and NY

When driving any commercial vehicle or equipment, it’s necessary to have mirrors. The operator must be able to see behind them while in use. 3 D Glass LLC offers mirror repairs for bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, and other equipment. It’s easy to damage side mirrors, whether it gets hit by a projectile or bumped into. We offer specialty glass for various shaped mirrors and more in PA and NY. If we cannot get the mirrors to you right away, we offer overnight shipping.


Choose 3 D Glass for Auto Glass and Mirror Repair

3 D Glass LLC offers auto glass and mirror repairs for vehicle owners in Pennsylvania and parts of New York. We work closely with customers to ensure that their mirrors are properly installed. Our technicians can repair and replace side mirrors, rearview mirrors, heated mirrors, and more. Reach out today for mobile glass repair or visit our shop in Montoursville, PA. With six service vans, you can trust that we can get to you as soon as possible.

Along with mirror repairs, we also provide various windshield repair services and specialty glass services. Talk to our team today for more information.



Are you looking for professional auto glass repair in PA or NY? Call 3 D Glass LLC in Montoursville, PA, at (888) 753-3628 or follow us on Facebook for updates. Learn more about our auto glass and mirror repair.