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Signs a Technician Replaced Your Auto Glass Incorrectly

Watch Out For These Obvious Signs of Poor Auto Glass Installation

You paid for a new windshield in your vehicle, but you see signs a technician replaced your auto glass incorrectly. It’s supposed to look as good as new, right? That’s what the company promised. Unfortunately, you may have fallen victim to poor technique and even downright carelessness during windshield replacement. That can lead to some safety problems. In this month’s blog, 3 D Glass LLC shines a light on signs a technician replaced your auto glass incorrectly.


You Hear a Whooshing Sound Traveling at Higher Speeds

One apparent sign of incorrect auto glass replacement is you hear a whooshing sound when traveling at higher speeds. What you’re probably hearing is the wind slipping into the cracks and crevices where the technician installed your windshield incorrectly. Sometimes the sound isn’t noticeable. Other times, it’s very loud. It just depends how badly the installation was.  You’ll notice the sound even more if you shut off the radio.


The Windshield Isn’t Flush with Your Vehicle Frame

Another sign that someone botched your auto glass replacement is the windshield isn’t flush with your vehicle frame. What you’ll see in that case is the windshield sticking out noticeably, and not sitting smoothly within the frame. The glass probably doesn’t fit right. What probably happened is the installer chose the wrong auto glass for your vehicle.


The Old Adhesive is Still in Place

You might have noticed that the old adhesive is still in place. The technician might have just added new adhesive on top of the old, and install the new auto glass in. If that happened, your windshield won’t be weatherproof. So if it rains, or snow or ice melts, you’ll have a leak. When 3 D Glass LLC does auto glass replacement, we scrape away the previous molding, and install new adhesive.


You Notice a Wavy Appearance to the Windshield

If you’re noticing a wavy appearance to your windshield, there’s a problem with the installation. When you look at the glass in direct sunlight, does the glass look wavy? It should look smooth and clear. The wavy appearance means your new auto glass is low quality. At 3 D Glass LLC, we only install high quality auto glass.


Rattling Noise Are Coming From the Loose Frame

Are you hearing rattling noises coming from your windshield? Does it rattle a lot if you drive over a bump or a pothole? If you’re hearing sounds like that, the windshield is loose in its frame. The technicians at 3 D Glass LLC always make sure the windshield is firmly in place.

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