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Spring and Summer Vehicle Maintenance to Protect Glass

Protect Your Windshield with Maintenance During the Warmer Months

You might not have thought about spring and summer vehicle maintenance to protect glass, but it’s important. We all know snow, ice, sub-zero temperatures, and road salt can damage your vehicle, but so can warm weather. When you protect your windshield against damage, the maintenance can prevent expensive repair bills and increase your family’s safety. There are some preventative measures vehicle owners can do to protect their automobile glass in and around Montoursville, PA.


This month, the vehicle glass experts at 3 D Glass LLC want to provide with some effective glass maintenance. We’re going to give you advice on spring and summer vehicle maintenance to protect glass. Actually, you can even use these steps in the winter and fall around here. These seven maintenance tips will help you avoid windshield repair costs, and ensure drivers will see clearly while driving.


Practice These Maintenance Steps to Protect Your Vehicle

  • Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals
  • Keep Your Distance
  • Maintain Your Windshield Wipers
  • Park in a Garage
  • Park in a Shady Spot
  • Repair Chipped Windshields Promptly
  • Treat Your Vehicle Gently


Keep Your Distance from the Vehicle Ahead of You

Health experts have told us physical distancing is important to maintain our health during the pandemic. You should also keep your distance on the road from other vehicles. Drivers should especially keep their distance from tractor trailers and other large trucks. Rocks and debris from these trucks can cause minor to major damaging if they hit your windshield. You should stay at least two car lengths behind work trucks if you can’t pass them.


When you keep your distance from these vehicles, it can provide an extra measure of protection for your windshield. This is especially key if you’re on the interstate traveling at or above the speed limit. Keeping your distance also gives you time to react if something flies off the truck or it swerves or crashes.


Repair Glass Promptly Before the Crack or Chip Spreads

You should repair chipped, cracked, or broken windshields promptly. Even the smallest of chips in the windshield reduce the structural integrity of the windshield. If it does this, it compromises the protection the windshield provides. A chip or a crack can grow into severe damage at the worst possible time – when you’re driving. 3 D Glass urges you to contact us to repair chips or cracks before replacing the entire windshield.


Park Your Vehicle in the Shade to Avoid the Sun

When you park your vehicle in a shady spot on a hot spring or summer day, you’re protecting the windshield. In fact, it’s one of the best maintenance steps to protect your windshield from chips or cracks.  Parking in the shad can help decrease the amount of sun that hits your windshield. The shade of a warm day prevents the windshield from heating up and contracting. Shade also causes chips or cracks to grow.


Park in a Garage to Prevent Weather Damage

Of course, the best shady spot is the garage – whether it’s at your house, apartment complex, business, or municipality. Parking in a garage is an ideal maintenance method to protect your windshield from spring or summer weather. By parking in a garage, you’re ensuring that the sun, rain, or hail, won’t affect your windshield. It’s a great protective layer for your windshield, and your vehicle for that matter. If you have a chance to park in a garage, don’t hesitate to do it.


Maintain Your Windshield Wipers to Protect the Glass

When you perform maintenance and replacement of your windshield wipers, you are certainly protecting your windshield glass. Caring for the wipers can reduce the risk of damage caused by blades contacting the glass. Wiper maintenance ensures clear visibility during rain storms, decreasing the danger of sustaining an accident due to poor visibility. When you replacing your windshield wipers regularly, it can prevent glass repair and replacement costs from chips and cracks.  If your wipers are scraping the windshield or making odd sounds, replace them.


Treat Your Vehicle Gently to Avoid Glass Damage

One excellent maintenance steps is to treat your vehicle gently to protect your glass. Try to avoid slamming doors, jumping on your automobile, or running into anything. When close the door hard, it can knock the windshield out of its track and cause damage to the glass. By being gentle when you exit or enter your vehicle, you add protection for your glass.  If you can avoid running into garage walls, concrete parking lot stops, or deer, that’s very helpful for your glass.


Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals on Your Windshield

Don’t use harsh chemicals on your vehicle, especially on your glass. Use only cleaning solutions that your automaker has approved for your windshield glass. By doing this, it can prevent chips, cracks, discoloration and other damage to these delicate surfaces. If you’re unsure of what to use, water, soap, and even vinegar can produce safe and effective results.


3 D Glass LLC hopes these tips on spring and summer vehicle maintenance to protect glass were helpful.


For more on spring and summer vehicle maintenance to protect glass, call 3 D Glass LLC at (888) 753-3628. You can also follow us on Facebook. We’ll be happy to talk to you about more steps for spring and summer vehicle maintenance to protect glass.