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How to Protect Your Windshield from The Elements

Follow Tips on Avoiding Weather Damage to Your Windshield

When you’ve owned a vehicle for awhile, you learn how to protect your windshield from the elements. Car owners in and around Montoursville, PA, have to deal with the extremes of winter and blazing summer heat. As you know, your windshield is one of the most exposed components of your vehicle. The windshield is one of the most important parts since it maintains the structural integrity of the vehicle. So you need to make sure your windshield is safe from the weather elements.


Trust 3 D Glass LLC for Our Windshield Knowledge

Today, we are looking at how to protect your windshield from the elements. At 3 D Glass LLC, our auto glass experts want to share our knowledge about windshields. Caring for your windshield is vital to preventing chips and cracks.


Learn About Various Ways to Protect Windshields

There are many ways to protect your windshield from the elements. Some have proven to be excellent methods against ice, snow, hail, extreme heat, and other conditions. Others can cause problems. Instead of taking a chance with your windshield, try these practices to protect your windshield:


  • Add a Protective Barrier to the Windshield
  • Park in the Shade During a Hot Day
  • Park Inside a Garage
  • Spray a De-Icing Solution on the Windshield
  • Use Rubbing Alcohol on Frozen Wiper Blades
  • Warm Your Windshield Gradually



Garage Parking Protects Your Windshield in Cold and Hot Weather

When you park inside a garage, it’s the best way to protect your windshield from the elements. You’re ensuring that the ice, snow, hail, rain, and sun don’t touch your windshield, or your vehicle for that matter. Obviously, this isn’t a possibility for those who have to park in a parking lot or a driveway. But if you have access to a garage, and are concerned about your windshield, park in the garage.


Plan Ahead to Warm Your Windshield Gradually

We get that you’re a busy person, especially in the morning when you’re rushing to work or school. But you can plan ahead. You might be in a hurry on winter mornings when you’re windshield is frozen. You’re tempted to crank the heat all the way up so you can thaw the exterior windshield quickly. But the optimal solution is to warm your windshield gradually. If your windshield has any chips or cracks already, warming it fast can make it worse.


Add a Protective Barrier Over Your Windshield

Using a protective barrier on your windshield is one of the most popular ways to protect your windshield from the elements. Drivers have been using this method for many years. While you can use almost anything from cardboard to a towel, the best protective barrier is a windshield cover. Windshield covers are weather-resistant and wind-resistant. They remain on your vehicle in all weather conditions. You can also use a car blanket, which covers the whole car, as a protective barrier.


Spray a De-Icing Solution Rather Than Scrape Your Windshield

Instead of scraping the snow or ice from your windshield with an ice scraper, spray a de-icing solution to your windshield. There is a wide array of de-icing solutions you can buy for your windshield. If you want to save money, you can also use a homemade solution. You can make it with two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water. All you have to do is mix the formula, pour it into a spray bottle, and apply to the windshield.


Wipe Rubbing Alcohol on Frozen Wiper Blades

We’ve all experienced our windshield wipers freezing to the windshield. You try to run the wipers, and they won’t budge. You can try to pry the wipers off the windshield with your ice scraper, but that could cause damage. You can avoid possible damage by soaking a cloth in rubbing alcohol and wiping down each blade. When you wipe the blades, it will prevent the blades from sticking. It will also ensure that they perform correctly on an icy cold day.


You can also life the blades up before a storm, or if you have ice concerns. That makes sure the wiper blades won’t be frozen to the windshield.


Park Your Vehicle in The Shade on a Hot Day

Parking your car in the shade is one of the best ways to protect your windshield in the summer. We’ve already talked earlier about parking in the garage if it’s possible.  Another shady spot can help decrease the amount of sun that hits your windshield. Parking in the shade prevents the windshield from heating up and contracting, which can cause a crack to grow.


Avoid Using a Hair Dryer or Pouring Hot Water on a Windshield

There are also things you should avoid doing to your windshield in the winter. 3 D Glass LLC performs many windshield repairs each year because of mistakes by the vehicle owner. The two most common mistakes are using a hair dryer on a frozen windshield and pouring water on a windshield. The heat from a hair dryer can damage the seals or window tinting on your windshield.  If you pour hot water on a windshield, the temperature of the glass could change too quickly. A severe temperature change can cause the glass to crack.


The team at 3 D Glass LLC hopes these tips on protecting your windshield from the elements were helpful.


For more on how to protect your windshield from the elements, give 3 D Glass LLC a call at (888) 753-3628. You can also follow us on Facebook. We’ll be happy to talk to you about how to protect your windshield from the elements.