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Tips for Removing Ice From Your Auto Glass

3 D Glass LLC Wants to Help You Safely Remove Windshield Ice

If you’re a new vehicle owner, you might be searching for tips for removing ice from your auto glass. Maybe you’re not a new owner, but you want the most effective ways for removing ice from windshields. Since it’s the beginning of December, you know the ice and snow is coming in and around Montoursville, PA. 3 D Glass LLC is focusing is the last blog of 2022 on tips for removing ice from your auto glass.


Run Your Vehicle’s Defroster on Medium

The easiest and most effective way in our experiences for removing ice is to run your defroster on medium. Give yourself enough time before going to work in the morning to turn on the defroster. Don’t turn it to high defrost. If there’s too much of a temperature change, you’re risking breaking the glass. Allow the auto glass to warm up gradually while you are shoveling the driveway, or staying warm inside the house.


Spray a De-Icing Solution on Your Windshield

You can also spray a de-icing solution to your windshield to remove ice from your auto glass. There are many de-icing solutions for windshields on the market. If you want to save money, and we know you do in this economy, you can make a homemade solution. You can make it with two parts rubbing alcohol to one part water. All you have to do is mix the formula, pour it into a spray bottle, and apply to the windshield.


Gently Use a Plastic Ice Scraper on Your Auto Glass

Most of us have a scraper in our vehicles. When you live in Pennsylvania or New York, you’re bound to use it a lot during the winter. 3 D Glass LLC highly recommends using a plastic scraper gently on the auto glass. We know you might be tempted with thick ice to be aggressive with the scraper. You want to remove that ice quickly. But if you’re not careful, you could break the windshield.


Combine All of Our Tips for Quicker De-Icing

You can also attack that ice by performing all of our tips. Turn on the defroster to medium, and spray your windshield with a de-icing solution. We recommend waiting about 10 to 15 minutes before gently scraping the ice and snow away. When you utilize all of these de-icing methods, your auto glass should be free of most of the ice.


Next time, you can avoid that icy windshield by pulling the vehicle into a garage before the ice forms. Also, as we blogged about last December, put your windshield wipers up before the ice storm so they won’t freeze.


When you have auto glass damage from ice call 3 D Glass LLC at (888) 753-3628, and like us on Facebook. Our team can give you more tips for removing ice from your auto glass.