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Types of Glass for Windshields

Learn the Three Different Types of Windshield Glasses Available

You might not be aware, but that are different types of glass for windshields. We all know that vehicle windshields are extremely important on the overall safety of the vehicle. Car manufacturers make windshields to safeguard the driver and passengers from dirt, dust, and debris, which might harm them. Quality windshields should be shatterproof to protect the driver and passengers from sustaining injuries or death from broken glass.


Today, 3 D Glass LLC is writing about the types of glass for windshields in vehicles.  There are three different types of windshield glass for automobiles. All three types are different from the others. If your windshield is broken or cracked, you should know the different options available on the market.


Types of Glass for Windshields Include:

Dealer Glass

Aftermarket Glass

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Glass


Dealer Glass Comes From the Vehicle’s Manufacturer

Dealer Glass is a car windshield glass that comes from the vehicle manufacturer. This Glass means you can only buy the windshield glass instantly from the car dealership you bought it from. It’s the car dealership that the manufacturer has authorized to service your car. Dealer glass comes from that same OEM (original equipment manufacturer) that built your vehicle’s windshield glass.


Dealer Glass Costs More Because of the Name Brand

There’s a slight difference between Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass and Dealer Glass. Dealer Glass has the vehicle’s make stamped on it. You should be aware that it’s also more expensive because of the name brand. You should also be aware that some auto dealers may only provide aftermarket glass.  Do not assume the dealer you choose uses Dealer Glass or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Glass. 3 D Glass LLC can install Dealer Glass.


Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass is Similar to Dealer Glass

Your vehicle’s manufacturer provides the Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass. With this type of glass, the manufacturer tests it precisely for your vehicle’s performance and safety in mind. You can trust that that the glass will stand up to harsh weather conditions and other concerns.


You Can Trust 3 D Glass LLC to Install Quality OEM Glass

Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass is always similar to the one the car maker originally installed in your car. Vehicle owners can either replace the broken windshield with OEM glass, Dealer, Glass, or Aftermarket Glass. It really won’t make any difference whether you use a different brand to replace an OEM Glass. At 3 D Glass LLC, our technicians can install any type of glass, including OEM Glass.


Be Aware of These Differences Between Dealer Glass and OEM Glass

According to Adventure Auto Glass, there are differences between Dealer Glass and OEM Glass:

“The glass may not necessarily be made by the same distributor. It will be the same shape, size, thickness, durability, and color as what your major vehicle brand makes on the original vehicle. OEM glass exists because vehicle companies change auto glass contracts every year. The company that made the glass for your vehicle is not likely to be the same company that makes the glass for your vehicle today. Contracts change and the glass is made by different distributors. OEM is usually both the safest and most affordable auto glass option.”

Source: What is the Difference Between Dealer and OEM Windshields (adventureautoglass.com)


You Can Trust of the Quality of Aftermarket Windshield Glass 

Aftermarket Windshield Glass is the type of windshield is related aftermarket vehicle electronics and accessories. While your vehicle’s manufacturer doesn’t make the Aftermarket Windshield Glass, the glass is a high quality material. The Aftermarket Windshield Glass is similar to Dealer Glass and Original Equipment Manufacturer Glass. Vehicle glass experts like 3 D Glass LLC consider Aftermarket Windshield Glass as being the equivalent of original equipment.


Purchase Affordable Aftermarket Windshield Glass

Maybe the only downside of Aftermarket glass is that you won’t know the origin of the glass.  You can save money on your windshield which is ideal during these tough economic times, by buying Aftermarket Windshield Glass. That’s the key difference between the other two types of windshield glass. But the low price does not compromise on quality. The glass’s thickness is the same as the original windshield in your vehicle. At 3 D glass LLC, we often install Aftermarket Windshield Glass for our customers.


Check with the Experts at 3 D Auto Glass LLC if You Have Questions

Even Though these three types of windshield glass are of OEM standards, you should make sure of your purchase. Make sure that the glass fits perfectly, just like the original one. If you have doubts about any of the types of glass for windshield, our experts at 3 D Glass LLC can help you.


For more information on the types of windshield glass, give 3 D Glass LLC a call at (888) 753-3628. You can also follow us on Facebook. We’ll be happy to talk to you about the types of windshield glass.