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When Can You Use Mobile Glass Repair for Auto Glass Damage?

Does Your Windshield Have a New Crack or Chip? This month we’re going to explore the times when drivers can and cannot use mobile glass repair. Many drivers have experienced a chipped or cracked windshield in their lifetime. Whether you’re hit by a rock while driving or in an accident, knowing what to do next […]

Learn More About Insurance Claims for Damaged Windshields

Your Windshield Has a Crack – Do You Know What to Do Next? After an accident or natural disaster, you may find yourself filing insurance claims for damaged windshields. Whether a rock hit your vehicle while driving, or a tree fell on the vehicle, windshield damage is nothing to ignore. Small cracks or shattered glass […]

DIY vs. Professional Auto Glass Repair: Which Should You Choose?

Windshield and Auto Glass Damage is Nothing to Ignore When it comes to DIY vs. professional auto glass repair, many vehicle owners and auto technicians have their own thoughts. It’s easy to find a windshield repair kit at the store and throw it in the back of your vehicle. That way, you feel prepared and […]